Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 Brand New Galleries added!

As mentioned previously, Jeff and I took a trip to Chicago at the end of February. We were there just 4 full days, but made the most of it- seeing as much as we could possible fit in. Well really it was me that needed to do the seeing since Jeff is from there originally. As expected we took LOTS of photos- some 854 to be exact. Most turned out, and the best of those we have now added to our site www.novemberobscura.com

In the new Gallery named Chicago, you will find many city scenes- featuring architecture both old and new, lake Michigan and the Chicago River. There are also a few of the lovely homes of Oak Park a suburb very near to downtown that while most noted for its large concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright homes- also hasVictorian and Queen Anne's a plenty! I also slipped in a pic of the Cheddar Fries we had with our lunch the day we visited Graceland Cemetery. Yes they were every bit as cheezy as they look!

We took quite a few cemetery photos there as well, but those you will find in the Ossuary Gallery. No worries the ones from Chicago will stand out. The cemeteries there have a unique look and feel - also there was snow and ice in many of the pics.

Check the Carriage House Gallery for photos of the lovely B&B we stayed in- lots of GREAT door knobs too! Other new pics in the Cellar, The Attic, the Parlor, and the Stairway

Finally, We added a new Gallery called Down the Rabbit Hole which features some of my Alice in Wonderland collectibles. Just a bit of whimsey. Enjoy your tea and A Very Merry Un- Birthday to You!

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