Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am home sick this week, and this morning as I was laying there trying to sleep- I thought about some photos I took of some vintage cameras that Jeff has. So since I am unable to sleep, I think I will try to make some use out of the day and work on those photos. Hopefully they will be ready and loaded to our site this evening.

The photo above of the Madonna in her grotto is a favorite of mine. I have taken a few of her from different angles, on both digital and B/W film and she always looks so beautiful and serene. I find religious icons to be fascinating so I am always on the look out for opportunities to capture them to digital or film.

The photo below of Mary at the crucifixion ( another of my favs!) was taken inside the sanctuary under very poor light conditions. Jeff and I each took several of her to try and get one clear one. We didn't have the option of flash and were trying to remain respectful of the worship space. What I really needed to do was to stand on the main altar and shoot from there- but somehow I think that would have been frowned upon.

Ok now on to processing!


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Evil Lily said...

Love the photo!

Sending get well wishes. I, too, am ill this week.


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