Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We are in the process of adding more photos to some of the existing galleries. I have chosen a few for the Ossuary featuring cemeteries from our road trip last summer to Arizona. The photos added are from the Seligman, Williams, Grand Canyon and Sedona cemeteries.

In addition a new gallery is being created and should be up by this weekend. Appropriately entitled Amusementorium. There is just something creepy about Carnivals. You know the sort. They pop up in open fields in town, or shopping center parking lots, much like the first one featured in the gallery.
The rides are often old, well used and each has stories to tell. About the towns they have travelled to, the people they have met, the roads they have travelled. The kissing, laughing, screaming, and vomiting that has been done in and on them.

Most of us have some sort of childhood memory about Carnivals like this, and more than one of us has likely been creeped out by the 'carnies'. On our early morning visit to capture some photos of the empty rides before opening, the carnies were actually very kind, even turned on the Ferris Wheel lights for our photos.

Here is a little preview until the full gallery is up~ Enjoy~

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