Monday, May 4, 2009

An Attempt at Hollywood

3 Happy Friends!

We journeyed down to Hollywood on Sunday morning hoping to get some good photos of some of the more quintessential Hollywood places. We did manage a few, but will have to make a second trip there- this time arriving at dawn in order to avoid the huge masses of tourists that tend to flock to certain places in large groups making it impossible to get a good photo-at least the kind I am looking for. Who the hell wants to see photos with crowds of tourists anyway? You can see that in your own vacation pictures!

I realize that tourists want to see these famous places- like Grauman's Chinese Theatre, but all the crap going on, on the sidewalk outside- like celebrity impersonators, and various 'acts' are really only there to try and collect tourist dollars- and are really so campy. But I guess it can be amusing if you never see things like that where you are from.

In June we are taking a road trip to the San Francisco area. We will also be spending at least a day in Colma- the city of cemeteries! The Ossuary gallery is sure to grow from that trip.

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