Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carousel in Golden Gate Park~ San Francisco

Of all the things that we saw and photographed on our trip, this was my favorite. I have adored Carousels since I was a little girl. One day I hope to own my own Carousel animal. I could not wait to ride it, and was able to get Jeff on board as well. I rode a horse, he kept to a Tub and took some black and White film shots which we do not yet have printed. If Jeff would have seen this fabulous Lion, he would have rode it I am sure, but we didn't see him until after we rode and walked around shooting pictures rapidly before more riders came on. I could have rode this for hours and would have liked to photograph every animal on it, except that other people wanted to ride and as you may have noticed I don't like people in my photos. I do my best to shoot around them but sometimes it can't be helped.

Here is some information on the Carousel from the National Carousel Association

Description: Herschell-Spillman
Carousel Class: Classic Wood Carousel
Last Update: 2006
Status: Active
Model: menagerie
Year Built: 1914
Type: 4 rows, Park, All Wood composition
Figures: 28 Jumping Horses, 10 Standing Horses, 24 Menagerie Animals (1 Tiger, 1 Lion, 1 Giraffe, 1 Stork, 1 Deer, 1 Goat, 1 Camel, 1 Dragon, 2 Frogs, 2 Cats, 2 Zebras, 2 Dogs, 2 Roosters, 2 Mules, 2 Ostriches, 2 Pigs), 2 chariots, 2 Tubs
Music: Band Organ: Gebrueder-Bruder #107-52 keyless
Comments: A Dentzel goat is onboard this carousel. Additional information is needed.
History: Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1914 to 1931
Lotus Isle, Portland, OR, 1931 to 1933
World's Fair - Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, 1939 to 1940
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 1940 to present

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