Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ghost Towns- Lordsburg and Shakespear

A bit farther on up the road in New Mexico from Steins sits another ghost town named Shakespear. Shakespear was a bit harder to find. We arrived in the town of Lordsburg, which is on its way to a ghost town it seems. There are people there, even a McDonalds, but a good half the towns footprint seemed to contain either abandoned buildings or ones that looked almost there.

We finally made our way to the other side of Lordsburg and found the dirt road that took us to Shakespear. Unfortunately, Shakespear was closed for the day. It seems that Shakespear is such a good example of an old west town that it has been seriously fenced in and now has regular business hours. We arrived too late in the afternoon, and after having to off road it in our Scion- which is not a good car for off roading- we arrived too late. Because the fence was too high (with a guard dog sign) and set well away from the town we couldn't even get photos through the fence.

We did however encounter the Shakespear cemetery at the foot of the dirt road to town. Not too impressive a cemetery, but nonetheless historic. At this point sunlight was fading fast so we continued on our way to Las Cruces. Perhaps we will have another chance to see Shakespear again, at least this time we know just where it is.

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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Those are some excellent, evocative photos. great stuff!

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