Sunday, July 18, 2010

Virginia City Cemeteries _ Comstock Cemeteries

The Comstock cemeteries are within the boundaries of the Virginia City National Historic Landmark (NHL).  Because of its rich history, the National Park Service in 1961 designated Virginia City and the surrounding area a NHL, to commemorate the history of the mining frontier. The Landmark, commonly referred to as the Comstock, encompasses nearly 15,000 acres. In 1859 Virginia City and the surrounding area burst into prominence and fame because of the Comstock Lode discovery, one of the richest ore strikes in the world.

The Virginia City cemetery is actually a collection of cemeteries one right next to the other on a hill next to the main part of town. Much like Bodie, the cemetery is easily viewed from the town and was a very busy one.

One of the things that I loved about these cemeteries were all the wonderful elaborate wrought iron fences. As you can see- there are many still standing and they are even more beautiful than the photos. There were many collapsed wood fence enclosures throughout the cemeteries.

If you make your way to Virginia City to see the cemeteries, be prepared for the very strong winds that they have there. These photos were taken while we hiked all over the hill in 60 mile per hour wind gusts. Not an easy walk either, its quite a hike up and down hills.

Once in a while I come across a nice zinc monument like this one. It was a bit damaged though.

I loved these built in flower cups!


Lidian said...

Wendy, these are stunning photographs! And I love black and white photos better than color, they are so atmospheric.

Dolls from the Attic said...

Amazing photographs! I love cemetery art. Those wrought iron fences are exquisite!..I have some small pieces of fence that I use on some spots in my garden where I want a slight unkempt,woebegone feel. You have such lovely pictures! i love this blog.

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