Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hatch 13 Ghost story

This is Hatch 13, site of one of the Queen Mary's most well known haunting's. The most documented is the ghost of eighteen-year-old crewman, John Pedder.  The story goes that Pedder was crushed to death while trying to slip through an automatically closing door in shaft alley during a watertight drill on July 10, 1966. The story is also told that the sailors played a sort of game of chicken with the closing hatches and well, John lost. It was hatchway door No. 13. Passengers and tour guides have seen a young bearded man in blue coveralls in this area. He is normally seen walking the length of shaft alley and disappears at door number 13. I spent a good 10 minutes alone standing right next to this hatch and taking photos of the hatch and all around it. Alas, I did not meet John.

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