Monday, June 25, 2012

It's twice the name, twice the fun. NY,NY.

A New York wander

I've been to a lot of cities in my life,  and having grown up in Chicago and now living in Los Angeles,  I had a standard big city expectation.  I was wrong!  The big apple has a unique vibe to it, unlike anything I've felt.   Almost a new-orleans like party is happening around the corner feel,  but all day and all night, and just about everywhere.   The place is buzzing. 

This was the 1st visit in the day,  so the better camera came along for the trip.  Above is 1 World Trade Center-   Already taller then anything else in town.  And fittingly so.
Across the street from the WTC Complex is St. Paul's Cathedral,  the oldest public building in operation having opened in 1766.  It has a graveyard in the churchyard with some unique headstones.
Zucotti Park-  best known for it's occupation last fall.   Plenty of private security here-  it is a private park.
Everything is bigger here-  even the ketchup.  It's so big they have to keep in in a park in front of city hall.   I forgot to bring fries....

A rare instance of Graffiti I saw,   but this is Downtown.
There's also a good mix of old with the new-  kinda goes with the fact that this city started in 1626.
Manhattan Island is part of the County of New York,  and comprises only 23 square miles.  It's the smallest county in New York,  but with the highest population.  Which makes it the most densely populated county in the United States.  By contrast, Simi Valley where I live, is 42.4 square miles.
If Simi was as populated as Manhattan-  there would be 3 million people.

More to come!

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