Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicago 1

Jeff and I travelled to Chicago in February of 2009. It was my first visit to this most photogenic of cities. Jeff is from Chicago as is my Father. I just fell in love with it! We drove around for hours, and Jeff~ who is a great city driver was able to get me to the right spots to capture just the right angles on the photos that I took. I hardly noticed the 21 degree weather as I hung out the window to snag the shot! At one point I hopped out to get some river shots in downtown ( which I will post in an upcoming blog) and was amazed as how chilled the air was standing at the top of the steps leading down to the rivers edge. Wisps of what looked like ash to me ( snow of course- but since I had never actually seen it snow. . ) blowing in the air was such a unique experience for this born and raised California girl! I hope you enjoy our look at Chicago! Here is one blog full of photos, more to come!

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