Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amusementorium 2

Anytime we spot one of these traveling carnivals we try to stop for a few photos. Usually the rides are just a little bit different from the last one we encountered. There is something fun, yet sinister about traveling carnivals. I wonder if this is why they are so often featured as backdrops for horror films? You can find Amusementorium in an early blog on this site by clicking HERE.
What sorts of memories do these carnivals conjure up for you?

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Fekona said...

Being a Carnie child of 30 years now I have to agree they are a bit sinister in a way, all the hustling and shady lifestyles that they all live just adds to the atmosphere,The people are black sheep of society, but I have to say that majority of them is the nicest people I have ever been around, of course we get the not so nice ones but this type of lifestyle is a you either make it or you don't and I have to say that my mother is one the best there is in this day in age :)

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